How to Hang a Bulletin Board on Your Cubicle Walls

Although office cubicles are often criticized as impersonal places that are too uniform to allow for any kind of personal expression, an employee whose work space is a cubicle can easily personalize the space.  All it takes is a little imagination as well as some innovative accessories. Hanging a bulletin board on cubicle walls, for instance, is a great way for an employee to display photographs of family, friends, pets and other memorabilia. It is also a useful method of increasing productivity by keeping messages, telephone numbers and other work-related documents conveniently at hand. By following a few simple steps, anyone can easily hang a bulletin board in an office cubicle.

How to hang a bulletin board on your cubicle walls from

How to hang a bulletin board on your cubicle walls from

Many offices prohibit the use of thumbtacks or push pins to hang items directly from the fabric wall of a cubicle, because the thumbtacks or push pins may damage the cubicle fabric. Even if no rule prohibits the use of thumbtacks or push pins, bulletin boards are often too heavy to hang only from thumbtacks or pushpins. Cubicle mounting squares are the perfect option in these situations. Lightweight and removable, cubicle mounting squares generally have an adhesive side to stick to the back of the bulletin board and a textured side to grip the cubicle wall. Because they mount on and do not  pierce the fabric of the cubicle, these mounting squares do not damage the cubicle surfaces. This means that cubicle mounting squares are an ideal way to hang a small, cork bulletin board in an office cubicle.

Specially-manufactured cubicle hangers offer a convenient method to hang a bulletin board that is too large or too heavy to mount with only cubicle mounting squares. These handy office accessories hang over the cubicle partitions to support bulletin boards or dry erase boards. Because they are adjustable, cubicle hangers work well with cubicle partitions of different sizes as well as with bulletin boards of different dimensions.

By following the steps outlined here, anyone can easily and quickly hang a bulletin board or dry erase board on an office cubicle wall. With a little ingenuity and some convenient accessories, any office cubicle can offer great personalization opportunities as well as enhanced employee productivity.


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