Installing cubicles is easy and only requires basic carpentry skills. We like to say…if you can put together a home entertainment system, you will most likely have no problems assembling our cubicles.  And, if you have any questions, give our customer service team a call and we will walk you through your installation inquiry.

If you’d prefer not to install them yourself, can provide both installation and project management services. If you choose this option, your cubicles will be installed by a professional installation team and scheduled by our in-house installation coordinator.

For a quote, please contact customer service at or 800-360-0306!

(NOTE: For cubicles that are powered, the customer will be responsible for providing a licensed electrician to connect the power whip/feed to the building power as well as install any data wiring needed.)

Installation Service (Quote Needed)

To provide you a quote for installation services, we will need to know the details of your cubicle project as well as some installation details specific to your project and installation location.

Delivery & Installation Questions

  • What is the shipping address?
  • Shipping contact name and phone number?
  • Building receiving hours?
  • Loading dock available?
  • Union or Non-Union Labor?
  • Can the delivery take place during normal business hours?
  • What floor? Freight elevator available? Are there stairs? How many stairs?
  • How long is the distance from the unloading site to the destination of the furniture?
  • Would you like the installer to receive the cubicle delivery?
  • Are there any other building conditions that may complicate the job?