Cubicle Electric

If you choose to electrify your office cubicle setup, the power will be run down the middle of the cubicle configuration providing two duplex receptacles per cubicle in the base of the panel.

Floor Power

Electricity can be provided from the building through either floor or ceiling entry (both of which require a electrician to hardwire the connection). In the case of a floor entry scenario, the electrical base power feed is hard wired into a electrical junction box (by a licensed electrician) in close proximity to the cubicle panel where the base feed is connecting to. This is usually within about 3 feet of the end of the panel.


Ceiling Power

In the scenario where cubicle power is being accessed from the ceiling, a power pole is used. A power pole is a hollow metal compartment which fastens to the cubicle panel and extends through your dropped ceiling allowing a flexible metal conduit to run down the pole and hook into the base of the panels being electrified. An electrician is also required for this step. The power pole provides the option to house data cables in addition to the electrical wiring. The diagram below illustrates the difference in cubicle electrical setups.