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What is the Easiest-to-Maintain Fish for Your Cubicle?

Keeping fish in your cubicle adds a soothing quality that helps reduce stress. Selecting fish that are easy to care for significantly improves the experience. The best fish for an office are those that tolerate a wide range of water conditions and have few special needs. The most popular choices include Betta, Tetra and Gourami.

Among the more popular fish for cubicles, Betta tolerate variances in water quality, including temperature and pH levels. Solitary creatures, Betta have vibrant colors and mesmerizing fins that flow beautifully, lending a serene touch to your work space. Betta are able to live in fishbowls, although they prefer an aerated tank. Tetras are small, with a range of colors that include neon types. Preferring to live in small schools, Tetras generally live together peacefully, and they require only minimum care. As you watch your Tetra swirl together in perfect unison, your mind no longer worries. Gourami have few special care needs, although keeping more than one per tank requires careful pairing based on gender. A compatible male and female pair of Gourami is exceptionally beautiful to watch, and the fish are available in a variety of colors.

Easy-care fish help you keep your office tank in pristine condition with little effort. However, even these three, low-maintenance types of fish require clean living conditions. Keeping the water clean is equivalent to keeping your air quality high. Feeding the fish appropriately helps keep the tank cleaner by reducing food waste that settles in the tank. Make sure your fish get enough food for health, but not more than they can consume within a few minutes.

Bringing easy-care fish into your cubicle makes the workday much more satisfying. With reduced stress levels, work feels more enjoyable, and it is easier to accomplish your goals. Betta, Tetra and Gourami are among the easiest to care for, while offering exceptionally beautiful color patterns. Soothing water elements take your cubicle to an entirely new level without a lot of effort. With easy-care fish, you can improve the quality of your work life significantly.

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