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How to Disassemble Cubicle Walls

Office cubicles are relatively easy to disassemble. Although they come in a variety of shapes and sizes the majority of them are square. They are usually fairly light weight. With the help of another person, it does not take long to take them apart. The job requires a few simple tools, such as a flat screw driver, wrench, rubber hammer and ladder. After you remove personal items and cords and cables, you are ready to begin.


Look at the cubicle construction. Does it utilize rods, springs, levers or screws? Does it have an attached desk or other storage shelves? How many panels do you have to take apart?

Remove the desk and any other storage shelves

If the cubicle has a built in desk, remove it. Go under the desk and unscrew it from the panels. Have a second person support the desk to prevent it from falling on you. Lift it out of the way, and if there are any shelves, remove them.

Start with the outer panels

The middle panel usually hold the sides together. Examine how it is connected to the outer panels. Prepare to remove springs, levers, latches or screws. You may need a ladder to unscrew the uppers panels. Start unscrewing the outer panels first, and move towards the middle. Have another person nearby to support the walls in case they fall.

Remove panels from the connector rail

If they panels are attached to a connector rail on the floor with a nut and bolt, you may need a wrench to remove them. Otherwise, pry them with a flat ended screw driver. With a helper, lift the panel from the rail. If it does not come out, tap it with a rubber hammer. Carefully lay the panel down, and continue with the other panels.

Learn how to disassemble your cubicle walls with the help of a friend in a few simple, easy steps, and using only a few tools.

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