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How to Sound Proof a Cubicle

Cubicles in an office can add to the privacy of an office space and keep workers focused on the tasks at hand. However, one thing that they are not very good at is keeping out sound. Noise from other cubicles often distracts workers if the correct steps are not taken to prevent the noise form entering. Follow this simple guide to learn how to sound proof a cubicle.

Add to the walls

Extending the walls towards the ceiling can help keep some of the sound out. This is not an option for all office structures, but most cubicles do allow for the installation of wall extension pieces. An alternative method is to hang curtains from the ceiling to meet with the top of the cubicle walls.

Add foam paneling

Foam is great at absorbing sound. Try adding strips of foam along the cracks and seams in the floor. You may also want to lay sheets of foam in inconspicuous places like on your shelf or under your desk.

Cover up those windows

Plastic sheeting comes in very handy when sound proofing a cubicle. Cover any windows in the area with a clear sheet. The type you are looking for comes with a sticky back, and is attached  directly to the window. It does not show up or inhibit your view of the window, but it does do a great job of keeping the noise from the street out of your office.

Address the community

If these steps do not produce a comfortable level of sound reduction, talking to your coworkers is always an option. See if you can work out a plan to reduce the noise in the office by setting up a private room for meetings or limiting non-work phone calls during busy hours.

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