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What is the Size of a Standard Office Cubicle?

You are probably familiar with the feeling of feeling cramped while you work, especially if you work in an office setting. Office cubicles are often extremely small, and offer very little in the way of comfort. This kind of space restriction lowers your productivity, and though the space limitations of your workplace may make it seem reasonable to have such a small cubicle, it is a good idea to strive for a slightly larger one if possible.

Most cubicles are far too small. Though you may have the option of personalizing your space with photos, artwork and other items, this does little more than add to the clutter that gathers in your limited space. If you are not comfortable in your area of work, then you are probably less productive. You may wish to ask your boss for a larger cubicle if you find that the size of yours is inadequate, giving the reason that, with more space, you could truly excel in your work. If your boss is unwilling to provide this space, see how your co-workers feel about cramped space, and try to talk with your boss again.

Although your cubicle is small, it is likely this way for a reason. The cost of real estate is very high for businesses, so your boss probably took this into account when considering cubicle size. Even though the advantages of having a large cubicle seem obvious, reduced clutter and increased comfort and peace of mind, there are a wealth of counter-arguments for this as well. Still, if you feel that your productivity is limited because of working in such a small area, do not hesitate to bring up the issue with your boss. Share your concerns, act respectful and give reasons why a larger space is better.

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