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Call Center Cubicles

Call centers require an efficient use of space so they can comfortably fit the most people possible in a given office environment. Therefore, we designed our call center cubicles with that in mind. Ranging in size from 2×3 feet to 2×5 feet, they give ample space for an employee to conduct their tasks.

As mentioned, our call center sized cubicles are perfect for any company or organization seeking to maximize their space. Including, to not limited to:

  • Call Centers
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Testing Facilities
  • Governments Agencies

Each cubicle has enough space for an employee to have their own desktop or laptop computer, writing space, and walls for personalization; such as pictures or calendars. On top of that, our cubicles have a modern, clean look that matches most interiors.

Browse and customize cubicles for your call center below. High and low panels are available, as well as deeper side panels for larger, private spaces. Choose from neutral color schemes to fit your space. And, best of all, discover an affordable alternative to the traditional method of constructing office space.