Quick Ship Program

Free Cubicle Shipping – Ships in 10 Business Days!

Cubicle.com offers free shipping option for office cubicles. The 10 Business Day Cubicle Quick Ship Program is FREE of charge for all of our office cubicle products! Please allow for 15 business days until shipping on all cubicle orders over $15,000. After receiving your cubicle order, we will immediately start the cubicle manufacturing process for your cubicle request. Your office cubicles order will then be professionally packaged and shipped within 10 business days of the order date. Transit time will vary depending on where you are located in the U.S. Please email us for more information on estimated shipping transit times for your specific location. Due to the fact that we produce each cubicle order individually, we unfortunately do not offer returns or cancellations on orders.

Standard Dock Delivery
A Palletized Order
Lift Gate Delivery
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Lead Times

All orders under $15,000 ship out within 10 business days from your order date.  Orders over $15,000 may take longer due to factory stock levels.

Standard Loading Dock Delivery (Free)

Our standard delivery service includes loading dock delivery.  All of our products are shipped on wood pallets and will be boxed, shrink wrapped, banded and shipped via Truck Freight.  If there is no loading dock available at the customer location, the pallet can be disassembled and removed piece by piece from the back of the truck, however, this is not the advised method of removal.  If there is no loading dock available, we recommend the “Lift Gate Delivery Service” described below.

Lift Gate Delivery Service ($90)

If your location does not have an available commercial loading dock, we offer “Lift Gate Delivery Service” for an additional $90 per order.  With this service, our freight company will use a lift gate on the back of the truck to unload your pallets to the ground level.  Please note that inside delivery is not included with this service.  The freight company will often move the pallets close to your building (if not inside), however they are not committed to bringing anything inside your building.

Inside Delivery Service (Quote Needed $)

If you would like your order depalletized and brought inside of your building, we can provide this service.  We will need to provide you with an inside delivery quote, which will depend on your building conditions and the size of your order.  The questions below will need to be answered to provide a quote for this service.

Installation Service (Quote Needed $)

If you would like your office workstations installed, we can also provide this service.  We will need to provide you with a quote based on the building conditions, size of your order, and any special circumstances.  You will also need to answer the questions below for us to provide an accurate installation quote.

Delivery & Installation Questions

  • What is the shipping address?
  • Shipping contact name and phone number?
  • Building receiving hours?
  • Loading dock available?
  • Union or Non-Union Labor?
  • Can the delivery take place during normal business hours?
  • What floor?  Freight elevator available?  Are there stairs?  How many stairs?
  • How long is the distance from the loading site to the destination of the furniture?
  • Does the packaging need to be disposed of by the delivery service?
  • Are there any other building conditions that may complicate the job?
  • Can the delivery take place during normal business hours?


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