Portable Cubicles

Portable cubicles are the perfect solution for transforming a room at a moment’s notice. Lightweight and easy to move, these mobile units allow you quickly set up work spaces, partitions or privacy areas. Perfect for government offices, classrooms, offices or libraries, these cubicles have a variety of uses. Teachers use them to set up test taking or study areas. In an office setting, cubicles afford employees a workplace all their own, complete with a tabletop for computer and walls for photos or calendars. Government agencies use these set ups as a place for citizens to complete ballots or fill out applications. Set up individual computer booths at libraries for users to conduct research in quiet, or surf the internet with privacy. With a large selection of shapes and sizes, transform any room to your specifications. A huge selection of colors ensures these units blend and complement existing decor. Choose from several finishes, such as fabric, paint or laminate to project as casual or professional an image as you choose. Laminate and painted walls are easy to clean, and are ideal for areas where there is high traffic. Fabric panels are geared for more professional settings. Explore portable cubicles when you need a fast and easy way to create workspace.

Shop this large selection of quality portable cubicles to find units that easily transform your area into efficient working space.

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