Cubicles with shelves

Check out these cubicles with shelves that provide valuable storage space for your work area. Many panel-mounted cubicle styles come with shelves pre-installed for your convenience. These pre-installed pieces are extremely sturdy, and they are capable of supporting large amounts of weight for storing heavier objects such as personal printers or books. When shopping for panel-mounted systems, storage space is an important consideration, and most manufacturers offer multiple shelf configurations for their cubicle systems. If your office utilizes wall-panel cubicles, there are also shelving solutions available. Hanging shelves use metal hangers that slip over the top of the walls of your cubicle. Use them as a quick way to expand surface area to organize files and books, or use them to store personal objects. These types of shelves are available in single, double and triple slat styles, and they come in a large variety of lengths. Chose from different materials, including metal, vinyl and wood, to find ideal shelving that matches your existing decor. Hanging shelves can also work in panel-mounted modules, but make sure you know the thickness of your cubicle walls to determine which hangers work with your cubicle system. Choose cubicles with shelves, and keep your workspace free of clutter.

Shop this selection of cubicles with shelves to increase storage space in your work area, and easily store your files, books and computer peripherals.

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