How to organize your cubicle

Everything has its place and stays there, you do not waste your time trying to find what you need. A clean office also boosts your spirits when coming to work. Here are some steps to follow when you decide to declutter your cubicle, and make your workspace more welcoming.

Step 1: Throw away what you do not need

It does not matter where you start, as long as you do it. Dig through your mountain of paperwork, and organize your papers into two piles. Create one with things that you need, and one with items that you do not and can throw away. If the task of deciding is too much work for one day, create a third pile that includes papers that still need a decision about their usefulness. Do not wait until you finish sorting all your papers to start throwing away the unnecessary pile. Little hints of decluttering success are great motivators to keep you going.

Step 2: Organize your cubicle into functional areas

Try to keep on your desk only the things you need constantly, such as your computer, the phone, other electronics you need for your work, a pen holder and a notebook. Create storage space for everything else. Buy a bulletin board, and hang it on your wall for all the sticky notes lingering around your workspace.

Step 3: Organize your things in additional storage containers

To maintain a decluttered cubicle, everything must have a place. Invest in new filing cabinets, plastic bins, office supplies containers, files, folders and tabs. File away your papers, and try to keep on your desk only the ones pertaining to your current project. When you are done, return to your undecided pile of papers, and finish a well-done job.

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