Cubicle Buying Guide

Our four-step buying process utilizes standard office cubicle configurations and recommended color palettes to make buying office cubicles online Quick & Easy!


What are the needs of your employees? We offer 60 office cubicle configurations combining different height, size, and storage options. Our selection ranges from 3×2 cubicles commonly used for telemarketing to 8×8 office cubicles used for managerial workstations. You have three different panel height options to choose from: the 39-inch-high panels provide an open office environment, the 54-inch-high panels provide sit down privacy, and the 67-inch-high panels provide standing height privacy. For each size and height combination, there are a variety of storage options. The possibilities are endless!


Once you have determined your desired quantity and type of office cubicle, you can choose how to configure them. Your configuration options will depend on your available space. If you are putting the cubicles along a wall, we recommend a row configuration. If you are putting the office cubicles in the middle of a room, we recommend a pod configuration with back-to-back workstations. Make sure you measure the space where you want to install the office workstations, then select a configuration option from those available in the Step 2 screen. Always make sure you have ample aisle space in your office area (we recommend 36- to 42-inch aisles). Our streamlined, online design process allows you to select from our recommended configurations and saves you weeks of time that would be wasted on revisions, space planning, and consultations. If you have any questions about your configuration options or just want a second opinion on the layout, send a copy of your floor plan by email for our design professionals to review. We will help you maximize your space in a quick and efficient way!


Choose one of our six recommended complimentary color palettes with a wide variety of fabric, paint, and laminate combinations. The fabric is applied to the panels, the laminate is applied to the work surfaces, and the paint color is applied to the panel trim and storage components. No options that work for your space? No worries, we have many other finishes to choose from that are not shown on the site. Email us and we will provide you with more office workstation options.


Before buying office cubicles online, review your selected options and submit your order. Be sure that you have selected your desired cubicle type, cubicle configuration, and color palette. Once you have reviewed these selections, choose whether you want your office cubicles to be powered, and if so, where the power should enter the cubicle from the ceiling or the floor level. This option can be chosen in the Shopping Cart before you finalize your purchase. Once your order has been processed, your office workstations will be shipped out free of charge within ten business days of your order!

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